What is Granola?


For anyone who stays in front of the stands with healthy breakfasts, this is hardly something new, but still we want to share our view of the situation from the bell tower of the manufacturer… What is granola after all? A type of breakfast cereal, usually made by roasting a mix of oats, nuts, seeds, olive oil and sweetener, was the initial answer, but for some it was much more.

Where does granola come from?

The first appearance of granola was in the distant 1863 when Dr. James Caleb Jackson crushed whole wheat Graham flour, baked it and called it “Jackson’s Pellet”. Shortly afterwards, Dr. John Kellogg, of the notorious company Kellogg’s, made a mix of oats, corn and wheat flour. He also calls his work granule. And yes, there is no spelling mistake – they both call their creations “granules“. Here, however, comes the first conflict over granola, namely – Dr. Jackson condemns Kellogg and he is forced to change the name of “granola“.

The revival of granola

Until 1960 granola failed to gain popularity. That year, however, Leighton Gentry developed the recipe we know today and thanks in part to the hippie movements in America and the need to feed a large number of people at festivals, our favorite breakfast was revived. The spirit of hippie culture did its job of reviving granola and reminding people of its great potential (and most of all, taste).

Granola today

Nowadays, there is a very large variety of granola. The base continues to be roasting a mix of oats and nuts. As long as quality products are used and no preservatives are added, this mix is ​​very healthy. Still it’s a good idea to always read the contents of the boxes. A good sign of quality granola is the relatively high protein content. This means that not many “filling” products have been used. We mean products like flour, rice balls and the like. Another sign of quality is the type of sweetener used.

Granola is usually eaten like most cereals – with milk. At the same time, we found that our granola is very pleasant with yogurt, which allows the taste of honey to stand out. Other options for consumption are with coconut milk or other lighter alternatives to milk. If you’re on the road, you can eat it without anything (and not just if you’re on the road).


Most of us have a habit of eating the same things for breakfast. At the same time, just like others for other meals, it is important to diversify and expand the range of nutrients we take in after we get up. If you have decided to reduce carbohydrates, eat more protein and fiber, you should definitely try how eating granola in the morning will affect you.


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