Homemade granola – pros and cons


Making homemade granola is an extremely enjoyable activity, bringing the satisfaction that you have solved the problem of breakfast for at least a few days. Also, the internet is full of wonderful recipes that you can be inspired by. From our experience the key moment when cooking granola is the baking.

You will probably need to eat a few overdone nuts before you feel the fragile bond between your stove and the granola. Of course, it’s worth it. In addition to filling the house with great aroma, this breakfast has the following advantages:


  • You are sure what you are putting in.
  • You can make it to your liking.
  • There is a lot of protein.
  • Improves blood pressure – high fiber content in oats and seeds, has a proven effect on blood pressure. (1,2)
  • Lowers cholesterol – Oats contain beta glucan, which helps reduce cholesterol in the body. (3,4)
  • Lowers blood sugar – whole grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds help reduce blood sugar in the body. (5)
  • Improves the health of the digestive system – some studies show that the consumption of granola can lead to increased amounts of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.(6)
  • It is full of vitamins E and B.


  • It takes time to master the recipe.
  • In general, it takes time to shop and prepare granola.
  • Maybe someone in the family ate it before you (this is also the case with the one bought from the store, unfortunately). 😉


We are definitely fans of culinary challenges at home, so we would always support people who want to test their cooking skills. If sometimes you don’t have enough time or energy to make homemade granola recipes on your own but you feel like eating – we, at Kashokaare here for you :).


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