3 interesting combinations when eating granola


When it comes to ways of consumption, granola is a product with a great variety of applications. In addition to breakfast, it can be eaten as a snack, as well as added to a variety of desserts. It is usually eaten with milk or yogurt, but if you are looking for the most delicious and interesting combinations you have come to the right place!

Granola with ice cream

A mix you will fall in love with. The balance between sweet and salty in our granola in combination with ice cream is extremely pleasant and enjoyable. At the same time, the cold helps and complements the crunchiness to new dimensions. You will not go wrong if you add some fruits.

granola with ice cream

Granola with smoothies

If you prefer a healthier mix, we suggest you try sprinkling some granola on your favorite smoothie. This way you will contribute to its nutritional value and it will be able to satiate you for longer.

Granola with smoothies

Granola with baked apples

The winter months are approaching and nothing is as pleasant as smelling baked apples while it is snowing quietly outside. But why wait… Although it is definitely an unusual idea to combine granola with baked apples, in the end why not? We definitely recommend trying this temptation.

Granola with baked apples


As we have said many times – granola gives a good opportunity to diversify your diet. Don’t be afraid to experiment and we’ll be happy if you give us more ideas on how to expand this list.


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